Awesome Google Drive Timecode Calculator

I just added @NEO_AMiGA‘s TC Calculator script to my google docs and it’s a life changer! It allows you to add, subtract, multiply, divide, frame count and frame rate convert at any timecode rate! This is HUGE time saver for Music Cue sheets, calculating running times and a ton of other stuff.

log into your google drive and hit this link:

  1. Add the document to your account
  2. Make a copy of the document
  3. Go to Tools>Scripts and copy the script
  4. Create a new doc that you want to use the script in
  5. In the new doc again go to Tools>Scripts and copy the script in.

There are functions and examples in the Google Sheet that are pretty self explanatory. The one thing that he doesn’t yet have working is the ability to add up a column. I was able to fix this by crating a running total column and using: =tc(D2,D3, 23.98, “add”) then “plus dragging” the cell down to the end of the column I wanted to add up. This was much easier than trying to punch all the numbers into a manual calculator, although I did take the time to punch them into a regular calculator just to be sure the first time.

Thanks to Henrik Cednert for building this great tool!

Hopefully we can get a timecode to footage calculator working to for us stuck in the past.