From Dusk Till Dawn TV Show Trailer

Here is the Trailer Brad mixed for Robert Rodriguez’s new TV Show: From Dusk Dusk Till Dawn. The show premiers on the new El Rey Network (242 for Time Warner Austin folks) March 11 at 9pm Central. DO NOT MISS IT! [youtube=]

Metric Post team finishes Robert Rodriguez’s Two Scoops for Blackberry

Photo of Brad Engleking and Robert Rodriguez sitting on a sound stage working on audio post for Two Scoops

The Metric Post crew designed and mixed Robert Rodriguez’s Two Scoops for Blackberry’s innovative Keep Moving campaign. This project was shot with certain sections purposefully left as blank green screen so users could submit their own content and ideas for consideration to be included in the final short. Total delivery was broken into 2 trailers, 3 sections for user submitted gun design, … Read More

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Once Upon A Time In Mexico was one of the most fun times that I have ever had working on a movie. It was done all “in the box” meaning that we did everything in Pro Tools. The biggest lesson that we learned and applied to this movie was that trying to emulate a traditional film console and traditional audio … Read More

Spy Kids 2 : The Island of Lost Dreams

Working on this movie was one of the most challenging things that I’ve ever been a part of. Not only was this my first introduction to the world of large studio features, it was one of if not the first attempt to mix an action film using Pro Tools. At that time I had no real contacts at Digidesign and … Read More